FH-350: Fluid Video Head

SKU: FH-350 Fluid Head
$1,915.00 to $1,998.00


The FH-350 was designed to incorporate the highly desirable features found in larger, top tier fluid heads in a compact package better suited for smaller video camera systems like DSLRs and other similar sized units.

Expertly designed with a sinusoidal counterbalance system with infinite adjustability within its weight rating, the FH-350 ensures the camera feels smooth and consistent throughout the entire 180 degrees of tilt. Proprietary damping grease maintains a consistent pan-and-tilt feel in a wide range of temperatures.

Also built into the fluid head is our patented lever release clamping system; a perfect mate with RRS lens plates and rails, the FH-350 is a DSLR videographer's dream come true! A distinctive feature of the FH-350 is the integrated dovetail base, which allows quick swapping between tripods and various setups.

The included handle permits infinite positioning within 90 degrees by utilizing a clutch-style locking system. Say goodbye to slipping handles because of teeth wearing out. Choose between left-hand or right-hand positions or purchase a second handle assembly and use both.
  • True Sinusoidal Counter Balance System keeps camera balanced throught the entire tilt range
  • Four damping settings for tilt and pan are instantly identifiable with unique chevron indicator marks
  • The foam padded, 15 inch control handle can be mounted on either side of the head
  • Patent-pending control handle swivel lock mechanism eliminates annoying, sharp-toothed rosettes
  • All levers and knobs are custom designed to deliver outstanding ergonomics and beauty
  • Integrated quick-release clamp accepts all Really Right Stuff-compatible rails and is laser engraved with 1mm increment index marks
  • Integrated quick release male dovetail in the panning base mates with Really Right Stuff leveling bases equipped with our quick-release clamp (standard 3/8"-16 threaded tripod socket also included)
  • FH-350 Fluid Head with selected options:
  • FH-350 Fluid Head with ball base or flat dovetail
  • Control Arm
  • Selected handle option
  • M1.27 Hex Key
  • M2.5 Hex Key
  • Stainless Steel Cap Head safety screws
  • Stainless Steel Cup Point screw
  • User's Manual
  • FH-350 Fluid Head:
  • Counterbalance Range: 1.6-10 pounds at 5" above Tilt-Axis (0.7-4.5 kg @ 127 mm)
  • Maximum Weight Supported: 50 pounds
  • Sinusoidal Restoring Torque: 8-50 inch-pounds, infinite Adjustment
  • Tilt Range: 90 degrees
  • Damping adjustment: 3 levels + "Off"
  • Height: 5.9" / 150 mm
  • Base Diameter: 2.9" / 73mm
  • Weight (including handle): 4.3 pounds (1939g)
  • Operating temperature range: 0 to 140 °F (-18 to 60 °C)